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Huadu Long metalprocessing machinery equipment co,ltd

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Xuchang Huadu LuokaiHighway midpiece,Xuchang , Henan,China
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Project Analysis Report
·Feed oil extraction tech. [7/4]
·Decolorization purify di. [7/4]
·Decolorization of waste . [7/4]
·Waste plastics oil refin. [7/4]
·The feasibility of the e. [7/4]
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Company Profile
 Huadu long Golden Machinery Co., Ltd. (China Environmental Protection Industry Association member units), the central Henan Province is located in the traffic is very convenient - the eastern outskirts of Xuchang City Economic Development Zone. Here is the earliest and largest domestic and foreign production of waste tires, waste rubber, waste plastics and other organic solid waste pyrolysis fuel oil distribution center. We have domestic and international trade team of eminent experts, municipal solid waste plastics, kitchen waste, swill, waste tires, waste oil, oily waste, sludge, aluminum, plastic, high density of submarine cables and other organic solid waste has many years of research and practice experiences. Production process design, thermal cracking catalyst formulation design has a wealth of practical experience and achievements. The annual output of nearly a thousand sets of production lines are sold at home and abroad, every year a large number of domestic and foreign customers to visit to discuss co-operation of the organic solid waste treatment equipment.
Since the company developed fully enclosed continuous refining device market, praised by customers. This device using automatic feed, mucking device is environmentally friendly, high degree of automation and safety performance, large capacity, easy operation, greatly improving the productivity and achieve the purpose of the 24 hours of continuous production, the daily processing waste amount up to 20 tons, abandoned intermittent not continuous production drawbacks, provide a strong technical support for customers to win the economic benefits of better.For details, please click:>>>¤
Waste oil regeneration technology column
·Waste oil regeneration t. [6/21]·Introduction and product. [6/21]
·Waste oil refining catal. [6/21]·Waste lubricating oil re. [6/21]
·Waste oil refining gasol. [6/21]·Waste oil temperature an. [6/21]
Coal tar preparation of fuel oil technology
·Continuous automation of. [7/4]·Coal tar directly decolo. [7/4]
·Room temperature of coal. [7/4]·Coal tar refining decolo. [7/4]
·Coal tar refining decolo. [7/4]·Coal tar refinery flow i. [7/4]
Waste plastics refining technology column
·Special waste plastics r. [7/4]·Waste plastic oil refine. [7/4]
·Plastic waste to extract. [7/4]·Waste plastics oil refin. [7/4]
·Waste plastics refining . [7/4]·Efficient catalyst for w. [7/4]
The latest technology booth
·生物柴油可行性分析报告 [4415]
· 废橡胶轮胎提取炭黑和轮胎. [4186]
·煤焦油炼油连续提炼柴油技. [3572]
·废机油(重油)连续生产汽柴. [3519]
·生物柴油生产技术与装置项. [3230]
·废塑料提取燃料油的可行性. [3020]
·12BET壹贰博 可行性分. [3009]
·12BET壹贰博 可行性分. [2836]
·热解油化设备的主要技术特. [2556]
·各省区市和中心城市汽、柴. [2482]
·油价或将迎来10元/升时代 [2455]
·国内油价上涨幅度不会与国. [2394]
·Waste oil refining gasol. [2338]
·Plastic waste to extract. [2188]
·市场预期发改委再调油价 [2130]
·Continuous automation of. [2108]
·Decolorization purify di. [2047]
·今年第三次成品油调价窗口. [2031]
·The feasibility of the e. [1994]
·再次触及红线 成品油下周迎. [1917]
·国内油价今日或迎“三连涨. [1515]
·中石油称炼油业务亏损源于. [1391]
·Waste oil refining catal. [1387]
Industry News
Shale oil extraction
Waste rubber scrap tires oil refining
Bio-diesel technology column
·Transfer of bio-diesel t. [7/4]
·Biodiesel production tec. [7/4]
·Biodiesel equipment and . [7/4]
·The new one-step process. [7/4]
·The catalytic pyrolysis . [7/4]
·The prospect of bio-dies. [7/4]
·Biodiesel equipment and . [7/4]
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